• Technology that opens up your video
    advertising to the world
  • High quality content on the
    best video player in the industry
  • Easily turn your web traffic
    into revenue
  • Delivering high quality viewer
    targeted content

Dynamic Video Advertising Solutions

Technology that opens up your video advertising to the world by delivering high quality targeted content to publishers that quickly transforms your web traffic revenue quicker than before using the best video player in the industry.




Unique High Quality targeted video content delivered directly to your viewers

  • Network and direct demand deals
  • Daily revenue reporting
  • Attractive payment terms as quickly as net 30
  • Customized “Boulder Video” (BV) player

Become a Publisher

Get content to your audience today



Cost effective brand advertising targeted to the desirable viewers

  • Unique video inventory monitored against any fraud (IAS & Forensiq)
  • Direct publisher relationships with high traffic viewers targeted websites
  • State of the art technology platform
  • Run Of Network or direct buys
  • IAB Compliant
  • Bouldervideo Ad Assurance Partner


About Us

Company Overview

Headquartered in Boulder, CO Boulder Video (BV) is a one stop shop solution for Media Buyers, Media Sellers, Video Content Producers and Video Content Buyers. We also help publishers generate surplus revenue without adding advertising inventory.

Michael Barnhill

Michael Barnhill


Michael Barnhill brings extensive sales and marketing experience to Boulder Video including working with big brands including PepsiCo, Fiji Water, Allegro Coffee, and Uno Foods. Known as a "connector", Michael has a passion to create significant revenue opportunities for Boulder Video partners.
Katie ArmstrongPaul Talbot

Katie Armstrong

Creative Director

Creative Director and Sales Executive for Boulder Video's sister project, "Inspired Women Media Network," Katie brings her experience as an entrepreneur, lawyer and sales executive to the Boulder Video team.
Khafre RhoKhafre

Khafre Roho

Demand and Supply Sales Director

Khafre Roho brings adept interpersonal skills to Boulder Video through his many years working in specialty coffee. Using both his attention to detail and quick retention of knowledge he has become an integral part of how Boulder Video has grown in the industry over the past two years.
Emon Hasan

Emon Hasan

Ad Operations Director

Emon is responsible for the production and development of the advertising and promotional activity across Boulder Media. He is also responsible for flawlessly deploying ad campaigns into the marketplace on various platforms. He leads our ad ops innovation and process improvement efforts.