A Cross-Platform Ad Exchange

Boulder Media Exchange (BMX), our RTB ad exchange connects leading brands to premium desktop, mobile app & web publishers at scale on a global basis. BMX powers real-time auctions, private marketplaces and programmatic direct deals.


Premium Liquidity

High-quality inventory and premium demand drive this exchange.


Buy and sell impressions to take ultimate control over your mobile business.


Access to transparent, targetable data points on billions of impressions.

The Leading Ad Exchange

Private Marketplaces

Get unique access to brands and publishers. Top-end, brand-secured content for you to buy and sell with our private marketplace.

Open Packages

Hop on board with our market-leading, high-quality content and premium publishers. You’ll connect with supply partners that match your unique requirements on our simplified interface.

Brand Safety

Boulder Media Exchange (BMX) provides everything from brand-safe inventory to robust configuration tools and ad verification while connecting you with partners who bring you value. From start to finish, our BMX gives you the perspective to make targeted purchase decisions.

Data-Rich Targeting

Integrate with the partners you want with advanced targeting and impression-relative solutions. The more data you have, the more valuable you are in the marketplace.

Real-time reporting

Monitor your brands’ mobile and desktop advertising through our intuitive interface. Our comprehensive reporting sets your roadmap for success with our reporting tools, complete control of key performance indicators, and easy white and blacklists to improve efficiency.


Our programmatic mobile ad exchange, DSP/SSP platforms, and monetization solutions allow advertisers and publishers to deliver relevant, engaging ad experiences.

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